Our food

All our food is prepared daily using the best of local and imported ingredients. Each dish is made to order and prepared using passed-down family recipes native to Naples, Italy.

Our pizza is made from slow-rising Italian sourdough (minimun ten hours) and is baked in a wood burning brick oven made on-site by Gerardo Iuliano, a specialised artisan pizza-over maker from Naples, Italy. The dough is hand-stretched and made to order and is cooked in the oven which  produces heat of about 500°c. The slow levitation and blast cooking process enables the pizza to cook in 90 seconds. It also locks in the flour’s natural aroma and moisture giving a soft, easily digestible crust. All hot items on the menu are prepared using our wood-fired oven. The flour we use is STG Farina 00 Molino San Felice which is also used to prepare our freshly made bread.