La Tavolata

Unlike most Italian establishments in Sri-Lanka, during normal operational hours, our restaurant is a no-pasta zone! With the exception of La Tavolata – a once in a month event aiming to cater to an intimate number of diners showcasing a menu that is a true Italian feast.

La Tavolata, which means ‘a group of people feasting at the same table’, is the brainchild of Chef Nishan Punzi. His travels across the globe and his Southern Italian heritage enables him to give a twist to his traditional family recipes. When it comes to ingredients, he is firm believer of the term, “less is more” and believes all you need are very few ingredients of the finest quality. Moving forward, La Tavolata will highlight his culinary creations prepared with Sri-Lanka’s finest produce and imported Italian delights.

The event will be centred on Oro 1889’s main table and has a no-menu policy. However, any dietary requirements can be catered to provided that we are given a minimum 48-hour notice period. La Tavolata will feature a true Italian feast consisting of four parts:

  • Antipasto  –  the appetizer of the meal consisting of nibbles varying from cheese, fish, vegetables and cold meats
  • Primo – the first course, which consists of a pasta dish, be it ravioli, fresh pasta or gnocchi
  • Secondo – the second course that would feature a fish and/or meat dish
  • Dessert – a course of dessert followed by coffee and Amaro (Italian digestive)

Contact us for more information about the next La Tavolata.