Our oven

Our Neapolitan wood-fired oven, the first of its kind in Sri-Lanka was hand-built by Gerardo Iuliano, a pizzaiolo and artisan pizza-oven maker from Naples, Italy.  The oven runs solely on wood and can make up to five pizzas at a time maintaining 485℃ heat within.

Our flour

STG Farina 00 Molino San Felice, imported from Naples, Italy.

STG (Specialità Tradizionale Garantita) is a quality award that designates an agricultural or food product that has some characteristics that clearly distinguishes itself from other similar products in the same category. An STG product is not linked just to a specific territory, but you can refer it to a more wide area that shares culture, tradition and a common way to transform products into specialities.

 Our interior

Our ‘rustic’ Italian pizzeria in Sri-Lanka, has been made using either recycled or reclaimed material from both Italy and Sri-Lanka – from ancient hand-painted tiles, empty wine bottles, European wood pallets, old bricks, mason jars, rusted metal and antique wood.