5 Pizza toppings that don’t exist in Neapolitan pizza

Five pizza toppings that don’t exist in Neapolitan pizza

Pizza is something dear to all Italians, and  while all other types of pizza may be similar, it is not “original”. Chicago style pizza? Great, but not pizza. New York style pizza? Good, but not pizza. This is a discussion you will not win with any Italian as they will be fairly inflexible on this matter: the only pizza recognized as such, is the thin crust type cooked in a wood burning oven.

So you can imagine that when it concerns Neapolitan pizza, all hell can break loose. As a general rule, it is all about simple yet quality ingredients but we’re very particular about what should NOT be placed on top of the pizza crust! Here are our top five:

1. Pepperoni

Pepperoni is an American variety of Salame and does not exist in Italy. In fact, the term pepperoni is a corruption of ‘peperoni’, the plural of peperone, the Italian word for bell pepper. If you are looking for something similar in Italy, ask for Salami or in our case, Neapolitan Salami.

2. Pineapple

Contrary to popular belief, The ‘Hawaiian pizza’ does not exist in Italy. Therefore, pineapple is not used as a pizza topping. Similarly to the bikini not originating from Bikini Islands, the Hawaiian pizza is not from Hawaii, but from Canada and was invented by pizza cook Sam Panopoulos who says he invented the dish at Satellite Restaurant in 1962.

3. Pastrami

It might sound Italian but pastami is not Italian. According to Wikipedia, Jewish immigrants brought the dish to America and early references in English was spelled “pastrama”, while its current form is associated with a Jewish store selling “pastrami” in New York City in 1887. It is likely that this spelling was introduced to sound related to the Italian salami.

4. Chicken

Italians do not condone ingredient combinations that steer away from tradition. Many other cultures may do so but in Italy, you will not see chicken on pizza (or pasta) – anywhere.

5. Ketchup

Don’t ever tell an Italian you prefer ketchup over their pizza! Italy is quite famous for its tomato industry and produces a lot of tomatoes, and speciality sauces for pizza (in our case, our San Marzano tomatoes).

Besides, ketchup is anything but a tomato based product! It’s like saying orange juice bought from a store is natural…. it contains like 3% real fruit and the rest are chemicals. Same goes for ketchup. It contains too little tomatoes and too many chemicals, so tomato sauce is actually a better choice.