How many calories does a Neapolitan pizza contain?

How many calories does a Neapolitan pizza contain?

For many, pizza is a guilty pleasure. A bad day reliever, a ‘fixer-upper’ or simple carb fix. However, much to the contrary belief, a Neapolitan pizza is not as bad and ‘fattening’ as most would consider it to be…

American pizza Vs. Neapolitan pizza

You must know by now that there’s a big difference between the American-styled pizza and a pizza from Naples. Originally pizza in Naples was a dish for the poor and was a simple way to obtain a wholesome, nutritious meal with few ingredients and meat was rarely available.

At ORO 1889 we aim to stick to our traditional roots and if you didn’t know us by now, our pizza is very simple and does not come with a deep-dish nor are our crusts twisted, cheese or sausage-filled.

In fact, an average American 12″ pizza Margherita would equate to roughly 1,600 calories. This is primarily due to containing more carbs, processed cheese and lots of grease in between. Due to the less protein over carbohydrate content, it often means you will end up eating more than you require.

So, how many calories does a 12″ Neapolitan pizza Margherita contain?

800 calories!

Contrary to the greasy deep-dish pizza, you will notice that a traditional Neapolitan pizza Margherita (our 1889 pizza) is lighter and airy. This is due to the flour used (Caputo ’00’ flour from Naples) fresh, quality ingredients (fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes), the hands of a skilled pizza maker and of course, our 500° degree oven. Our pizza cooks between 90-120 seconds and our dough rises for at least 24-hours prior to being individually hand-stretched upon order. This allows the yeast to fully rise, gives the dough a more airy, light texture and keeps overall carbohydrates (and that lovely post-pizza bloated whale feeling) to a minimum.

So next time you are after a healthy meal, step out of the box and order a pizza to share with a salad to start. Trust us, it will not be so bad after all.