What is a Neapolitan pizza?

Being Sri-Lanka’s first Neapolitan pizzeria, we understand that Neapolitan pizza is new pizza experience for some so we thought we’d take the opportunity to demystify it for you…

The size

Our pizzas are served in one size only – it is roughly 12 inches in diameter and a person with an average appetite will be able to finish one pizza by themselves. Neapolitan pizza is all about flavours and each pizza varies in taste. We recommend you gather three or four of your friends, order a different pizza each and share so that you can experience the different varieties available.

Best enjoyed as a sit-down meal

Although some prefer to take their pizza away, a Neapolitan pizza is best enjoyed as a sit-down meal. The crust is very light and does not hold well in a take away box. The confined space steams the pizza and once cold, the pizza loses its crispness. Always eat in for the best results.

Neapolitan pizza cooks quickly

Authentic Neapolitan wood-fired ovens heats up to 500°c resulting in the pizza cooking in less than two minutes from the time it enters the oven.

‘Soggy’, ‘wet’ or ‘soupy’ pizza

If you have never had Neapolitan pizza, be prepared for the term, “soggy”. The sauce and fresh mozzarella combo creates a molten, hot and soupy centre of the pizza.

Unsliced whole pizza

The traditional Neapolitan pizza comes unsliced primarily due to the wet centre. So if you see that we haven’t sliced your pizza, it’s not because we have forgotten but if you would like your pizza sliced, please let us know and we can slice it for you.

Charred crust

One main characteristic of the Neapolitan pizza is the charred crust. This occurs due to the high temperatures of the oven and is unavoidable. A nice light char brings out another flavour to the pizza but if the crust is bitter, then it is burned.

Minimally topped

The last area to bring into light is the topping. Our pizzas are not like the American-styled pizzas, they are minimally topped. You will be able to see through the cheese. A Neapolitan pizza is about a fine balance of flavour so that no component overpowers another. Some will enjoy the fact that they are able to differentiate the various components and some will think it is a rip-off. This is something to note before you visit us in order to manage your expectations if you are not used to Neapolitan pizza.

Credits: Adam Kuban at Slice